10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Being An English Major

This page will contain links to all of the 10 Things posts from the presentation held this year at South Alabama.  The presentation is sponsored by the English Department and Sigma Tau Delta (the English honor society) and will be repeated every semester.  Here is a link to a news article that described the event: http://thevanguardonline.com/life/601-10-things-seminar-summary.html

1. Tips for Success

Part I

Part II

These posts provide tips for freshmen and sophomores trying to figure out how to choose and do well in classes.

2. Required Courses: Classes you will Need to Graduate Link

This post discusses specific courses English majors need to take and provides tips on which classes to choose.

3. The English Honors Program: And Why You Should Enroll Link

This post discusses the English Honors program and the paper you have to write for it.

4. University Resources: The Writing Center, the Library, Online Journals. Link

This post gives tips for different resources you can use when researching and writing for papers.

5. Writing Papers: Tips on writing a literary analysis. Link

This post provides tips for writing a literary analysis.

6.  Literary Analysis: How to analyze a book or poem for class and writing assignments Link

This post discusses the proper way to analyze a literary work when writing a literary analysis.

7. Literary Criticism: An overview of the most prevalent schools of literary criticism and why you should know about them

Part I

Part II

These posts look at literary theory/criticism and gives an overview of the most important schools of literary theory.

8. Career Opportunities for English Majors: There are more than you think 

Part I

Part II

These posts give an overview of some of the possible job opportunities for English majors.

9. The Real World: How to begin preparing for a job Out There while you’re still In Here

Part I

Part II

These posts give you tips on how to prepare for the job search and provide examples of how to build a resume, build a portfolio, and prepare for an interview.

10. Graduate School: What you need to know about getting into graduate school Link

This post gives you tips on how to apply for grad school.

Once you have finished reading all of the 10 Things posts, please take the poll to let me know which posts were most helpful.  Also, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to comment anywhere on this blog and I will do my best to help!


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