Great! Where are we going?

In the 4-5 years I’ve been going to college I have lived in several different dorms and have had different experiences at each one.  I will split this post into different sections to describe each dorm I’ve lived in and the reasons for living there.


1. Walsh Hall

I didn’t really have much of a choice when I first moved to SHC.  At SHC all freshmen were required to live on campus and most freshmen girls lived at Walsh Hall.  I was on the third floor (we had no elevators), and I shared the room with one roommate.  We didn’t really have a whole lot of space but a nice sized desk was provided, we had some drawers, and we each had an armoire to use as a closet.

Each hall has a bathroom to share, which honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.  The bathroom had an area with the toilets/sinks and a separate room with showers.  The shower stalls had a door you could close/lock and then an inner curtained area so you could bring your stuff and change there.  We didn’t have any sort of common area in the hallway (there was a common room in the basement but there was nothing down there and no one ever used it) but there were three or four chairs that we’d sometimes use to hang out with fellow hallmates.

2. O’Leary Hall

My sophomore semester I was at SHC I moved into O’Leary since it was the cheapest dorm other than the freshman dorms.  Again, I had a roommate.  This dorm was co-ed with the first two floors being girls only and the top floor being the boys’ floor.  I lived on the bottom floor.  In the room you had a pretty large closet, a nice desk space, and some drawers (and honestly the rooms were a pretty good size as far as dorms go).  Each wing on each floor had two bathrooms to share with showers that were curtained off from the toilet area – needless to say, I preferred Walsh’s bathrooms much more.

O’Leary had a really strange layout and honestly was kind of a creepy dorm to live in, but my experience there was still one of my greatest in college.  I had a lot of great friends staying in the dorm with me and we had a common area in the lobby and on each wing of the halls; therefore, we had a lot of different places to hang out.  In the lobby someone had also put up a piano which people would play and sometimes we’d have random gatherings set up where we’d listen to people play and hang out.

3. Beta

Every semester I was at the University of South Alabama, I stayed in one of the Beta dorms.  Beta is basically set up like an apartment with its own bathroom, living room, and kitchen.  Since it was originally four people to a dorm room it used to be the cheapest dorm on campus which is why I originally chose it.  My last semester of college it was changed to a two person dorm so the cost went up but at this point I wanted to have my own room and keep the convenience of having a kitchen/bathroom/living room so stayed anyway.

Since there are two bedrooms, originally you would share your bedroom with a roommate, but now you get the bedroom to yourself, and it’s a pretty good size.  You have plenty of space now where before you were cramped with your roommate.  The desk size is terrible, however, and I wish they would have invested in bigger desks once they changed the rooms.  Unlike in other dorms where you’re more likely to get to know the people on your hall since it’s all interconnected, the only people you really ever see outside of your roommate(s) in Beta is your neighbors across the hall.  And honestly most days I never see them (although I usually hear them).



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