Junior Year Roommates

When I finally transferred into South in the spring I found myself in a difficult situation.  I managed to sign up for a dorm but had to move in to a setting where the roommates had been living with each other for a semester already.  Therefore, I was going to be the outsider.  Thus, when I finally moved in, I had to find the one empty space in the dorm and set myself up.  I looked curiously over at my roommate’s side of the room to see if I could glean any information before meeting her, and I saw a poster of Mary with Vietnamese writing on it.  Thus, I correctly determined my roommate was Vietnamese and that was about it.

When I wound up meeting my roommates, I soon found I got along with them well (I pretty much lucked out after my first roommate in this sense).  The Vietnamese girl that I shared the room with I had a lot in common with since we both listened to the same kpop groups and she introduced me to new Asian dramas to watch.  We were both also Catholic, and I wound up going to Ash Wednesday mass with her at one point.  One of my other roommates shared a communication class with me and was very artistic which I connected with, while our other roommate loved music and was a history major (I had originally considered history at one point before sticking to English).

Thus, we got along pretty well.  We all kept the dorm pretty neat, and my roommate would routinely do the dishes (which guilt tripped everyone else into doing the dishes more often).  The other two would sometimes cook dinner for everyone, and we would have roommate dinners which was great.  My roommate would sometimes make us brownies, while the history major made cupcakes (I love those red velvet cupcakes so much ><) and the artistic one would experiment with different dishes.  I did sometimes get a weird vibe from the other two roommates since they were already good friends and tended to do a lot together (they also skipped class a lot which I didn’t approve), but we’re still good friends now.

The only problem I ever really had with any of them was when it came time to move out.  We either had to sign a contract saying which parts of the dorm we would clean before leaving, thus making sure everyone took part in cleaning duty, or the last person who left wouldn’t be able to sign out until the dorm was cleaned.  We wound up not signing the contract, and while the other two roommates moved out earlier, they promised to come back and help clean.  Which wound up not happening.  So my roommate and I were stuck having to clean everything…which wound up falling mainly on me since she had to leave early too.  She tried to help as much as she could though which I greatly appreciate.  Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with the other two after that, but I have since gotten over it, and we get along well now.

I had planned to roommate with my Vietnamese roommate the next year, but due to complications with South forcing all students on campus to apply for a meal plan she wound up moving to an apartment instead, so I wound up getting stuck with random roommates.  Yet again.


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