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Oh she’s back, she’s back, she’s back, she’s back oh~

When I started my sophomore year of college it was a very exciting first semester.  I had a lot of friends, I was more settled with my major and college path, and I kept myself busy with extracurricular activities.  I even had all four years of college planned out with what classes I would be taking which semester (yes, I really plan ahead).  The summer before I had a minor hiccup when I couldn’t reapply for a private student loan because Mississippi changed the minimum age to 21, but due to some help from my grandparents I was ready to go.

Then by the end of Christmas break it all came crashing down.  Due to the student loan problem, I couldn’t afford Spring Hill College’s high tuition, even with the scholarship I had and the help from my grandparents.  While my parents tried to help me find out a solution, some of my professors tried to speak up for me to the school to find a way to get me to stay in.  However, since my family wasn’t low income enough (even though only my dad was working at the time and we were still paying for repairs to our house from Hurricane Katrina), the school decided nothing could be done.  It didn’t matter that I was a 4.0 student that did well in all of their classes; money matters a lot, especially when the school doesn’t have a lot left in savings from donations.

Therefore, I found myself leaving Spring Hill College.  On the day that I was supposed to move in, I instead came to campus and packed my bags before going through the process of formally withdrawing.  It was a really emotional day for me – getting my degree was my greatest goal at the time and being in college was very important to me.  When people tried to tell me to treat it as an opportunity or a break, I lashed out and didn’t want to hear it.  In my mind they didn’t understand just how devastating this development in my life was.

The same day I left SHC, I enrolled at the MGCCC Jefferson Davis campus and signed up for a few night classes.  I also began looking for a job to keep myself occupied while out of formal school and to start earning money to put toward the student loans I already had and transferring to another 4 year school.  My next post will cover what it was like working while taking classes at the same time.


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