Keep Your Head Down

It’s been awhile since I last posted due to a variation of causes, but hopefully I will now begin to post more regularly again.  This series of posts will revolve around the year that I was taking night classes at MGCCC and working part time and what I have learned from that experience.  All of this occurred in the year 2009, which was a pretty depressing year for me.  I do have to admit now that some of my experiences in 2009 have really helped me gain some real world experience and understanding about the workplace and my goals, but at the time I hated it.

I will post links to the following posts below.  In the meantime, feel free to answer the poll about graduating within the traditional four year route.  It seems most people I know wound up taking longer than four years to get their undergraduate degree; in fact, only one of my good friends from high school graduated in time, while I am the only other one to have graduated so far.  Feel free to comment about whether or not you graduated in the traditional four years and why.


1. So I think it’s time to let this die.  In this post I discuss my first semester after Spring Hill College and my experience in a customer service position.

2. Once again, back again~  In this post I discuss my summer and second semester after Spring Hill College.

3. You know what I mean, mean~ After focusing on what work was like during this year, I take time to discuss my experience with community college.

4. Never Giving Up All My Life~ I provide a take away point from my experiences my year outside of a regular four year school.


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