Once again, back again~

My hopes that things would work out as I wished would soon prove to be wrong.  My summer at the kids center was pretty stressful since this year I helped out with the kid’s camp.  Lots of incidents occurred as a result of there being too many kids and not enough staff when I worked in the afternoon (for some reason, they would schedule an abundance of staff in the morning and then only have two of us upstairs in the afternoon when we still had camp kids for a few more hours), and due to many of these problems I decided that after this summer I wouldn’t work there anymore.  I did have a lot of fun working with kids, but I was tired of working for places that were poorly managed.

I would also soon grow disappointed over the fact that for multiple reasons I would be unable to transfer to South Alabama in the fall. Thus, I had another bout of frustration and disappointment that yet again my plans were coming apart.  I wound up taking two more night classes that semester and also reluctantly applied to work as a hostess/cashier again at the Hard Rock.  My mom still worked there and my manager had really liked me, so I knew I could probably get the job.  This time I worked day shift which was generally less stressful than swing shift had been, and I also had experience with the job and picked up on how to use the cash register again pretty quickly.  I was met with a lot of the same problems as last time, but at least now I was more used to dealing with them.

Unfortunately, while I was working at the Hard Rock, my mom lost her job there in a really unfair way (they made up an excuse to fire her the day before she would have been there a full year and then never posted the position again…so basically, they had only wanted to use my mom temporarily from the get-go), and I was also feeling really disappointed that I had been out of regular school for an entire year by this point.  I went through a short period where I didn’t have a lot of patience with people, but I eventually worked through it and began to focus on trying to get through the rest of the semester so I could finally transfer to South in the spring.  My next two posts will finish up about this section of my life by talking about my experience taking night classes at a community college while working, and on what my experiences through my year after Spring Hill taught me.


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