Nothing’s over, nothing’s over~

So, after the awful year that was 2009, things started to work out for me again.  Thanks to the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008, my dad was able to use his GI Bill to help cover the cost of my education (it only works for a state school that considers you in-State), and I was finally able to receive Federal student loans to cover the rest of the costs.

I wound up transferring from the community college to a school just up the street from SHC – South Alabama.  I had only been to the campus once while going to Spring Hill (my freshman class went to a play that was held at South), so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I wanted to stay in Mobile though, since I had such a great experience there so far and still had friends at SHC.  Also, South counted Gulf Coast residents as in-State, which was a plus.  Unfortunately, since most of my credits transferred over from another four year school, I was unable to receive any sort of scholarship; really, your best bet on getting a good scholarship seems to be when you first apply for a four year college or university as a freshman, or if you are transferring in from a community college.  They don’t seem to want to help you out if you didn’t pick them first.  Luckily, though, all of my credits transferred, which means I wasn’t held back too much from my year outside of regular school.  In fact, I wound up only graduating a semester late in the end.

Since I transferred in the middle of the school year, I was also worried over whether or not I would get a dorm.  Luckily, when I went to the transfer orientation, when we checked with housing there was a spot available from a student who had transferred out that semester.  It was also in the dorm type I wanted to get into – Beta.  Beta dorms were set up basically like apartments and had their own kitchen, which was awesome because at the time juniors and seniors at South didn’t have to have a meal plan!  They were also cheaper because four people shared the dorm instead of the usual one or two…although, at the same time, that was also kind of a downside.  I was a bit anxious about transferring in to a dorm with three strangers who had already gotten used to living with one another for half a year, but I wound up lucking out since all three were really great.

The other thing I was worried about was adjusting to the new school, finding my way around campus, and whether or not the classes would be as great as they were at SHC.  I had such a wonderful experience at Spring Hill that I was afraid my time at South would pale in comparison.  I also had to make entirely new friends and adjust to a bigger campus with more students.  However, even though the campus was larger, it did not take me very long to adjust and learn to find my way around.  I also wound up with great professors that led interesting classes that taught me a lot, and had many interesting discussions in and out of class.    Overall, I had such a great experience at South that I’m glad I wound up there and that it’s now my alma mater.  I think I experienced a lot of growth at South, and while I will never regret my experience at Spring Hill (other than the crippling students loans that I’m currently struggling to pay), I definitely am not disappointed that I finished school at South.


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