Hey, girl I don’t know~

When I finally started my first semester at South Alabama, I had enough credits to count as a junior.  Thus, I was finally at the point in my college career where I had to start making decisions about what I would be doing after college.  Would I start thinking about graduate school, or would I start preparing for the job search?  Really, you should already be thinking about both before now and getting ready through jobs, community service, and other organizations.  However, it probably isn’t until your junior or senior year that it really hits you that life is about to change for you soon and you need to be ready for it.

The first place I turned to for help was my college adviser.  I had decided based on research, that really getting a higher level degree in English would probably be a waste of time, unless I wanted to become a college professor.  Most jobs that I was interested in are based upon experience, so after graduation I wanted to get an entry level job and start building up from there.  However, I didn’t know what the process I needed to take to really get prepared for the job search; I had only had part-time/seasonal and tutoring jobs up to that point and didn’t know what I would need to do for a career.  Unfortunately for me, my adviser couldn’t really help since she had taken the graduate school route.  I soon found my other English professors I turned to for help also couldn’t help for a similar reason; they didn’t have much experience outside of academia.  All they could really do was act as a reference for me and give suggestions about graduate school (pretty much all of my professors, English or otherwise, pressured me into going that route.  Honestly, now that I’ve had some time out of college, I’m seriously reconsidering it).

But, at the time, I was burnt out from school and thought going for the job was the better option, so I really felt frustrated that I wasn’t finding help in the English department.  Since then, I’ve learned that a great place to turn to for help is the career center; the career center for your school has advisers that can give you specific job seeking help and will have conferences and workshops that provide resume help and networking opportunities.  The place I turned to, however, wound up being the communication department, and that will be the topic of my next post.


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