I am an English major and a communication minor.  I will be graduating on December 17, 2011.  College has been a time of learning and discovery for me, and a time where I had to figure out where I am going with my life.  Going to college is a strange experience.  You’re an adult yet still reliant on your parents.  You have freedom and autonomy at college along with the responsibility of a single adult, yet every holiday you must go back home and are suddenly under your parent’s roof again and following their rules.  It is a time where you learn how to be an adult yet still have some comfort of relying on mom and dad.

I am now almost to the point where I launch out on my own, and as I prepare for the next part of my journey into adulthood I decided to share some of my experiences in the hopes that it could be beneficial to others.  I will probably also post in the future about my time outside of college and what the next step is, but at first I would rather focus on my college experience.  I hope that anyone who stumbles upon this blog can leave gaining some helpful knowledge or insight into their own college career.


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