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Now that it’s getting close to graduation, I decided I would write a blog to discuss some of my experiences along my journey as an English major.  I hope that what I have learned can help others who are English majors/minors or are getting a degree in the Humanities pick up some tips they can use as an undergraduate and understand different ways they can use their degree after graduation.  A common joke among English majors is that once we tell someone what we’re getting our degree in an automatic response is, “So, you’re going to teach?”  Unfortunately most people don’t realize that there are lots of ways to utilize their degree beyond teaching.

Therefore, my goal is to cover my experience choosing my degree as a freshman, deciding on classes as a sophomore, having to leave school for awhile between my sophomore and junior year, and then my struggle as a junior/senior trying to figure out what the next step will be to prepare for graduation.  I will also utilize a presentation that a friend of mine created called “10 Things I Wish I had Known as an English Major.”  She is a grad student and had a similar experience that I did as an undergrad and created an amazing presentation to help other undergrad English students no matter where they are in their education.  Hopefully the combination of personal experience and practical tips will be useful to anyone who stumbles upon this blog.


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