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Building a portfolio

Another great tip I received from my communication professors was to build a portfolio for job interviews.  Certain types of jobs require you to provide an example of your skills, so it is a good idea to have one prepared for job interviews.  For example, if you want to go into journalism, then you want to include examples of news stories or other articles you have written to showcase your ability.   If you are going into publishing, then you may want to bring examples to showcase your editing or design ability.

Since I wanted to prepare for jobs in advertising and public relations, my portfolio consisted of the projects I had completed in my InDesign and advertising classes, writing samples such as articles and memorandums, and documents I had designed such as a brochure for the usher program at the Mitchell Center.  I only bring my portfolio with me to job interviews where I think showcasing my work could be beneficial to gaining the position (for example, I have brought it for jobs related to graphic design or public relations, but not jobs that are focused more on customer service).  When I bring it out, I go through the portfolio with the person interviewing me and briefly explain the projects and why I wrote the documents.

As you continue to gain job experience, make sure you also continue to grow your portfolio.  When I worked at St. Paul’s, I always kept track of the projects I completed for the school and added them to my portfolio – everything you work on throughout your career can be useful in getting you a new job or a better position within your company.  You can also create an online portfolio that you can send in with your resume when applying for positions.  I am going to link mine as an example in case you want an idea of the sort of things to include in your portfolio.

I cannot recommend enough that you put one together, for bringing a portfolio to an interview really does boost your chances at landing that job.  It allows the interviewer to gauge your skills directly and gain an idea of what you can do, and can give you a leg up over the competition, especially if the interviewer is not sure of their abilities.


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